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NOCO Genius GC016 12V Dashmount Indicator


The GC016 12V Dashmount Battery Indicator works with NOCO Genius battery chargers and allows the battery chargers to connect quickly to any battery from wherever the Dashmount Battery Indicator is located. Built-in LEDs indicate the charge level of the battery, for ongoing monitoring. The ultra-efficient LEDs flash, draining almost no power from the battery. Replace a standard Eyelet Terminal Connector or permanently mount one on your ATV, Motorcycle, Car, Boat or any other vehicle for easy charging. The Quick Connect port built directly into the Dashmount Battery Indicator makes connecting a NOCO Genius Charger easy. The cable has Eyelet Terminals on the end and allows the Dashmount Battery indicator to be located up to 80” away from the battery for easy access and monitoring.

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